Assemble, and Dynamically Balance


We will be out of the office 

from 8/3/17 through 8/20/2017

Our web store will remain open during this time. Orders for parts received  after Wednesday, noon, 8/2/17 will be shipped Monday, 8/21/17
Orders that include "Special Services" involving labor (assemble/balance, ETC) will be shipped later in the week after our return.

We appreciate your support, and apologize for the inconvenience.
Gary and Karen.

If you prefer, we can static balance the rotor (if required) assemble the EDF, Motor, and Heat Sink (if purchased or included with motor), then dynamically balance the unit complete assy.

This is applicable for all our EDF's and motors at the time of purchase. The flat rate covers the neccessary procedures as required for each product.

If a heat sink is purchased (recommended for most of the higher power setups) ,it is assembled with Arctic Silver 5 (or EDF mfgr supplied) thermal transfer compound, then locked in place with a bit of  epoxy, to inhibit it from rotating or sliding off.



This service is available ONLY  for an EDF and motor, purchased from us, at the time of purchase.

This is the only way we can insure that you get a properly balanced smooth running unit.

Please do not request that we balance your existing (new or used) EDF or parts.

Assemble, and Dynamically Balance
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