F-20 Tigershark, 70mm EDF ARF


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efflux RC / Air Sally F-20 tigershark

FULL COMPOSITE 70 mm, EDF arf * (airframe only)

Manufactured in the USA through the partnership of "Air Sally" and "efflux RC".




  • Full epoxy/glass composite constuction (fuselage, wings, stabs, vertical)
  • Retract ready with full hardpoints for mains and nose gear. (no landing gear included)
  • Full house flight control surfaces (ailerons, flaps, full flying elevators, rudder)
  • Gapless, Kevlar control surface hinging
  • Beautiful, scale panel lines throughout the entire exterior
  • Full fiberglass intake ducting (no cheater holes)
  • Accommodates a number of popular 70mm EDFs (750-2000 watts)
  • Laser cut plywood internals (to be installed by the modeler)
  • Large (canopy area) hatch for accessibility
  • Finish: Grey primer
  • AUW: one customer's F-20 came in at 4.7 pounds (2.15kg) with a 4s, 4000mAH powerset, scale gear & air retracts and a dedicated 700 mAh LiFe rx pack.
  • Length: 47"
  • Wing span: 26.5"

Current wing design (from 1/1/2015) accepts E-flite 10-15 size, electric Retracts.


Here is a video of the first F-20 out of the molds.



And....a promotional video endorsed by my hero Chuck Yeager!




All information and specs are subject to change.


 * PLEASE NOTE: This airframe is adaptable to ANY 70mm EDF set up.

It is for experienced ARF "builders" only. Some thought and possible mods will be required by the modeler, depending the power setup you choose.?




Shipping to CONUS is approx $12-20 to ship this item via USPS parcel post. Please contact us for shipping rates to your location BEFORE you order. We will then advise you of the shipping charge and make arrangements for payment.


Will ship USPS priority

F-20 Tigershark, 70mm EDF ARF
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