Tamjets - Avanti Mini, Heavy duty (1/8" mains axles)


Designed  for the Sebart, Mini Avanti (EDF or turbine power) , for grass fields, heavy setups, or just plain hard landings, these alum alloy sprung struts will afford many 90mm, tricycle gear aircraft from 7-11 lbs AUW with softer touchdowns.

  •  Mounting pin dia: 5mm (latest Avanti Mini retract pin size)
  •  Axle dia:  3.17mm (1/8") ... these are the  stock axle size
  •  Max Nose wheel dia: 
  •  Max mains wheel dia: 
  •  Weight (complete set): 97g (3.5oz)

These strut have a 1/8" axle for use with the Stock Mini Avanti rims tires. they will also work our lightweight alum wheels/foam tires.

These struts will fit the Mini Avanti electric retracts, and will fit other retracts that accept a 4mm pin/strut 

Tamjets -  Avanti Mini, Heavy duty (1/8" mains axles)
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