1.75" lightweight FOAM TIRES only

1.75" lightweight FOAM TIRES only


Same dia as Habu 32/32x Tires



  • Very light weight and versatile designEach wheel comes with 3 sets of axle inserts to fit different wheel axles
  • Fits the rims from the 2.00" Wheel set
  • Sold in pairs


These tires have a 1/8' rubber center section to maintain shape inder load as well as add to the wear resistance.


  • Diameter: 1.75 in
  • Tire Width: .5 in
  • Hub Width: .43 in
  • Rim required: 2.00" dia wheel set rims
  • Weight (pair): .3 oz

You will need to have, or purchase the 2.00" wheel set, and use these tires on the rims. See "Releated items" below


We recommend using RTV silicone (clear or black) to secure tires to the rims. 

(applies for all foam tires)

1.75" lightweight FOAM TIRES only
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