6 MM Bullet Connector Set

  • Mat'l:  Gold Plated Nickle Alloy
  • Capacity:  200A
  • Weight:  4g
  • Wire Size:  10 GA (8 GA wire is doable as well)
  • Very low IR for high power applications
  • Set includes: one female / one male


NOTE: The connector wire cup is the "half cup" style. (easier to solder large dia wire, and will also handle 8 GA wire)


Typical uses: Motor-to-ESC connections.

                  Battery-to-ESC connections for very high power applications.

Great for parallel battery connections without the need for heavy, bulky wiring harness

Use heat shrink tubing for insulation

CAUTION: There are no shields to prevent improper battery connections. Be safe.... and pay attention while making connections to battery and the ESC. 

6 MM Bullet Connector Set
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