DS-30-AXI HDS V2015 (69mm)



DS-30-AXI HDS V2015* (69mm)

* NEW VERSION (11/2015 forward)



  These TOP QUALITY units are designed and mfg'd in Germany




Our units include the "Secure Fan Fix" mounting tabs, preinstalled from the factory.

You may not find the mounting tabs installed (or even included) from other suppliers.


For us at Schübeler Composite the development of our ducted fans is not a project of limited duration until the initial delivery day. It is rather seen as a constant process of improvement and innovation. That is exactly why we are now able to present the latest technology in ducted fans. Our focus is mainly on efficiency, precision and durability.


The rotor assembly is lighter and remarkably shorter. Consequently, it runs more efficiently due to a higher smoothness, as bearing and shaft have to deal with considerably less mechanical load. The blades of the new fan which consist of a high-temperature resistant fibre-reinforced polymer work highly efficient, broadbandly and silently thanks to our CFD optimisation.


We achieve precision and stiffness due to our carbon fibre shroud. A high-precision collet chuck is clamping the rotor which results in an improved distribution of pressure in comparison to a locking screw. Another unique point is the possibility for fine-balancing by means of several free threads which are accessible without disassembly of the rotor. Optional mounting flanges (secure fan fix) are installed precisely guaranteeing interchangeability.


We attach greatest importance to the durability of our products and consider this aspect at every stage of our development process. The combination of CFRP, aluminum and injection moulding results in outstanding technical characteristics coupled with an excellent price-performance ratio. Failure safety of the rotor is ensured by the hub out of aircraft grade aluminum. Moreover, we refine and coat the surfaces and use special aviation glue for the joints as well as an additional screw joint. The stator consists of high-strength aircraft aluminum; that way we can provide a unique level of motor cooling.


If you decide for a ducted fan of the HDS® V2015 series you will receive an efficiently designed, precisely manufactured quality product aimed at long-term usability!


Technical Data DS-30-AXI HDS V-2015:

Max. RPM: 55.000 U/min
Max. Power: 1970 W
Max. Thrust: 27 N
Max. Exhaust Speed: 87,3 m/s
weight: 55g
Max. Motor Diameter: 28 mm
Shaft Diameter: 4 mm 

Shaft adaptor: tapered collet


 Please see the Schubeler performance charts in the photos below.

DS-30-AXI HDS V2015 (69mm)
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