DS-86-AXI HDS Spare Rotor Assy V2016 (120mm)


 DS-86-AXI HDS Replacement Rotor assy

  (V2016, 10 blade, for 120mm)


 These TOP QUALITY units are designed and mfg'd in Germany


  Efficiency. Precision. Durability.

The 86HDS® also relies on the classical HDS® features but even adds that extra bit:

>Lighter and remarkably shorter rotor assembly
>Blades made from a high-temperature resistant fibre-reinforced >polymere
>Material Mix of CFRP, aluminum and injection moulding

Recommended by efflux RC to be utilized the DS-86-AXi HDS carbon fiber housing that it was designed for. The specifications and data provided by Schubeler (below) apply only to the recommended match of DS-86-AXI HDS housing and rotor assy.

Individual Setup

The latest version of our HDS® fans completes the series with a 120mm fan which also works ideally with Tenshock, HET and TP motors. The HDS® series is characterised by the fact that motors are freely selectable according to the customers preferences while keeping up highest efficiency levels as a result of our integral development approach. This has the advantage that you can also order a stand-alone fan in order to combine it with your existing motor. Due to our experience as well as the possibility for fine-balancing a smoothly running system is achieved. Of course, we can take care of the installation; but versed customers will also be able to conduct installation on their own.

Proven Efficiency

The fans have been combined with the above-mentioned motors forming setups that have been tested extensively until product launch. As usual at Schübeler Composite, simulations and testings were effected preceding the construction phase which corresponds to our policy of providing highest quality and efficiency levels. In here efficiency means especially to transfer low electrical power into high thrust and jet velocity. The implementation of  Tenshock, HET and TP motors is only possible due to the optimum balance of rotational speed and torque.

Established Cooling

Our  calculations and development work results  in a product reaching perfect utilisation of the above-mentioned motors. That is why we are able to reach extremely cool running propulsion setups: the motors are not forced into a low rotational speed which is why they do not overheat. Residual heat is lead away by means of the established HDS® typical cooling.

Technical Data DS-86-AXI HDS®:
Max. RPM: 35500
Max. Power: 7500W
Max. Thrust: 101N
Max. Exhaust Speed: 99m/s
weight: 290g
Max. Motor Diameter 56mm
Shaft Diameter: 8mm g6








DS-86-AXI HDS Spare Rotor Assy V2016 (120mm)
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