E-Flite Micro Retract Set



E-Fite 90* tricycle Micro Retract set

  • Size: .10 and below
  • Weight: 1.9 oz (54g)
  • Strut dia:2.5mm
  • Aircraft weight: 48 oz (1.36kg)
  • Working pressure: 99 PSI
  • Max pressure: 128 PSI
  • Travel: 90 dgerees


These are very similar in design to the SAPAC micro air retracts. The main difference being the mounting tabs are located 0.14" closer to the wing bottom surface. They are basically the same Length, height, and depth as the SAPACS and can be considered as alternates. the air cylinder is also the same size) The end user must compensate for the slight difference in the mounting tab height with some added material, such as 1/8" plywood.

These will fit the SAPAC Scale Struts

Please note the mfgr weight recommendation. Use your own discretion.

E-Flite Micro Retract Set
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