EDF Wire Mod (motor to ESC)


Most aftermarket brushlees motors have approx" 1 1/2" wires leads (x3). It may be necessary to extend these wires to your ESC.

We can perfom this wire modification in addition to any EDF we assemble and balance for you. 

Note: The wires from the ESC to the motor may be extended (as mentioned above) without concern. IF you elect to extend the from the battery to the ESC. it may be necessary to add Capacitors to minimize the ripple current, which can damage the ESC.




Wire, solder, connectors, heatshrink tubing and labor.


  • Length: Wires terminate with 6mm connectors approximately at the front edge of the EDF. (photos may vary)
  • Wire GA: 10-12GA silicone jacketed (depending on the size and power requirement)
  • Motor to ESC connectors: 6mm Barrel style, very low resistance, gold plated connectors (3 sets, male/female)
  • Solder: 60/40 rosin core solder
  • Heat Shrink Tubing: applied to all soldered connections.
  • Wire Fairing: formed Heat Shrink Tube, for minimal invasion and turbulance in the thrust tube

(The wire modification shown is for our Mach 80mm EDF)



For custom wire lengths, please contact us prior to ordering.

 This service is available only when orderding the "Assemble and Dynamically Balance" service, at the time of purchasing a motor and EDF.




Orders including Labor ("Special Services") requires (up to) a 3 business day, lead time. If you requested Express Shipping, the lead time still applies, and your order will then be shipped Express Mail 

EDF Wire Mod (motor to ESC)
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