Freewing/HSD 90mm INLET ADAPTOR for JF-90 / DS-51



Designed and mf'd by efflux RC for the Jetfan 90mm EDF to fit Freewing 90 mm air frames and EDF's that originally used a Change Sun EDF unit.

Also works for the Schubeler DS-51 AXI HDS

Note: These rings will also fit the Wemotec Midifan Pro/EVO (89mm) housings, but we suggest that you chamfer or radius the housing I.D. 45* x .025" for the best air flow into the fan. (since there is a 1/2 mm step there)

 Other applications possible.



Material: ABS

Weight: 7 g

O.D. (over flange) : 102 mm

I.D.: 90 mm

O'all length: 16.7 mm

Mounting step I.D. 93mm 

Mounting step length:  92.2 mm



Note: The miniscule printing ridges are well within the turbulent boundry layer, and will not cause an appreciable difference in performance.


Item listing is for 1 (one) inlet ring in the specified size)

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Freewing/HSD 90mm INLET ADAPTOR for JF-90 / DS-51
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