Habu 32/32X Nose Gear Door



Carbon fiber nose gear door kit for the Habu 32 and 32X

This is our simple solution for a full carbon fiber nose gear door for the Habu 32/32X EDF jet.

It utilizes a simple, inexpensive, lightweight mini "Bungie cord" for closure. The action of the retracts opens the door.

This kit is intended for use with the STOCK E-FLITE WIRE STRUTS. It will also work with Tam's struts.

This kit utilizes flat, nylon pin hinges.

Current "installed" photos show a plastic nose gear door. We also have one Habu 32 with the door, using the offset hinges, and a servo drive. sequenced with the Tx. (or a standalone sequencer)



  •  1 ea, Carbon Fiber Nose Gear Door
  •  2 ea, Nylon Pin Hinges
  •  2 ea, Offset hinges with control arm tabs (Tabs are for driving the hinge with a servo - unneeded tabs can be cut off)
  •  3 ea, Bungie cord (2 spares)
  • Carbon bar to epoxy to tams strut (when using Tams struts with the bungy closure)

Please note: This is a "craftsman" kit. You will need to notch the door frame if required. and attach the hinges using 5 minute epoxy, to both the airframe and the door. Then tie the Bungie to the gear between the spring and the retract and apply a small drop of MEDUIM CA to the knot and trim. Then pull the cord through the hole in the door, and adjust to the proper tension before trimming at the outside of the door and applying a drop of 5 minute epoxy to form a "rivet" to hold the bungie in place. Please refer to the photos.



Habu 32/32X Nose Gear Door
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