JP Hobby 45mm Brake Wheel Set (4mm Axles)


The JP Hobby Electromagnetic Control Aircraft Braking System is the easiest to use and most reliable aircraft braking system available. It replaces the old style pneumatic and servo applied remote control braking systems. This design allows for easier installation and better control of braking. High grade aluminum construction with ball bearing wheels and replaceable hollow rubber tires.


input Voltage: 7.2-30 Volts

NOTE: these are the NEW VERSION control boards. The braking force is now controlled by the servo travel/endpoints you set in your TX. We recommend controlling the brakes with a 2 position, momentary switch. The brakes are "on" or "off". JP Brakewheels are not proportional.

Auto shut down after 1 minute of inactivity to reduce battery consumption

Signal Input: Connects directly to receiver to operate.


Wheel Diameter: 45mm/ 1.77 inch  (NOTE: actual measured dia is 46 mm)

Axle Diameter: 4mm 

Weight: 6 oz/ 170g (2 wheels and control box)

Included: Two main wheels and a brake controller.

JP Hobby 45mm Brake Wheel Set (4mm Axles)
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