JP Hobby Brake controller

 Please note: all JP Brakewheels include a single brake controller. This item is a spare or replacement controller

The JP Hobby Electromagnetic Control Aircraft Braking System is the easiest to use and most reliable aircraft braking system available. It replaces the old style pneumatic and servo applied remote control braking systems. This design allows for easier installation and better control of braking. High grade aluminum construction with ball bearing wheels and replaceable hollow rubber tires.


Signal input voltage from rx: (Units with black heat shrink) 2s lipo, (or 8.4 max)

 Braking input Voltage: 2s-4s lipo.

NOTE: these are the NEW VERSION control boards. The braking force is now controlled by the servo travel/endpoints you set in your TX. The brakes can set a 2 or 3 position switch. or for varible braking force, to a slider or rotary (variable) knob on your TX.            Some folks will set up brakes as a mix, with the "down elevator" to save a channel

Auto shut down after 1 minute of inactivity to reduce battery consumption

Signal Input: Connects directly to receiver to operate.



Includes: one JP Hobby brake controller 

JP Hobby Brake controller
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