JP Hobby Dual Adjust, Brake controller

 Please note: all JP Brakewheels include a single brake controller.

This is an optional dual control unit which allows inpendendent brake force settings for the best possible "even" braking. 

Due to the size of this unit, it's recommended for larger models.



 JP New Adjustable E-Brake Using illustration:


1. Voltage input: 7.4v - 25.2v ( 2S -6S Li-Po )

2. Voltage output: 6V

 3. Signal input: Connected to the brake wheel channel of receiver (on/off channel of remote control),and set an action.

 4. Setting: The percentage of transmitter which control the brake force.  +/-100% is max brake force. The percentage setting to +100%/-100% ~ -50% OR (+100% ~ +50%/-100%). Max / lower percentages of brake channel are adjust the left and right braking power together.


  5. Capacity control: adjustment counter clockwise ( + ) will increase the brake force, clockwise( - ) will reduce brake force.These capacity control are adjusting the left or right braking power alone.

  6. Size: 35mm (W) x 70mm (L) x 18mm (H)

  7. Weight: 58g



JP Hobby Dual Adjust, Brake controller
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