Jet-1A - Trailing Link Struts (Sebart Avanti Mini, L-39, MB339)

  Designed  for the Sebart, Avanti Mini, L-39 and MB339 (EDF or turbine power) , for grass fields, heavy setups, or just plain hard landings, these alum alloy sprung struts will afford many 90mm, tricycle gear aircraft from 7-12 lbs AUW with softer touchdowns and better hanldlng on rough terrain.

  •  Spring steel mounting pin dia: 5mm dia x 51mm long , With flats. - INCLUDED Please note that our struts INCLUDE this durable pin, that will replace the soft original pins that come with the jet kits. The soft pins are well known to be susseptable to failure. (other suppliers may not provide hard pins) 
  •  Strut dia: 9.9 mm
  •  Strut length: 108mm
  •  Axle dia:  4 mm (included)
  •  Weight (2 unit set): 

These struts are drilled for use with 4mm axle, brake wheels or other wheels that accept 4 MM axles. They will also work our lightweight alum wheels/foam tires.

These struts will fit the Sebart Mini Avanti, L-39 and MB339 electric retracts, and will fit other retracts that use a 5 mm pin.

Jet-1A - Trailing Link Struts (Sebart Avanti Mini, L-39, MB339)
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