Jetfan 120-2 Heat Sink,50mm Motors (slotted)


 This new Jetfan heatsink for 50mm DIA motors is slotted for additional motor coverage.


CNC machined by E-jets, for use with 50mm Dia motors installed in the Jet fan 120 mm EDF. May also be used for other applications.

The heat sink has a reduced /finned area that fits inside the JF 120 Housing. the heat sink provided full length motor coverage, and nearly for the full diameter.

Always use use a quality thermal compound between the motor and the HEat sink I. D. We stock Arctic Silver 5 on our accessories page.



  • I.D. : 50 mm (for use with HET and other ) 50mm dia motors.
  • Minor O.D. : 53.9 mm
  • Minor O. D. : length (to step): 36 mm
  • Major O.D. : 58 mm
  • Overall length : TBD
  • Weight: 39g (1.4 oz)
  • Material: CNC machined Aluminum - not cast 


Includes Heat sink only. Motor and fan housing are for display purposes only

Jetfan 120-2 Heat Sink,50mm Motors (slotted)
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