Jetfan 80mm V-3 EDF unit




These TOP QUALITY units are designed and mfg'd in Austria. 



We proudly present the new Jetfans 80 V3 and 90 V3

Now they got the same kind of inner stators kernels like the already known 100-110-120 PRO's !
Togehter with the established rotors, we reached a higher static thrust of 3-5%, as well as again a higher dynamic performance at the same power level, based on the bigger FSA and new designed thinner stator blades.

Also again an increased cooling effect, as the whole surface of the motor tube is now in the air stream like at the other PRO's. And by using the same cross-shaped 1mm piece from Aluminum between the mounting plate and the motor, we got the inner ventilation of the motors by sucking out the air through the resulting gap of 1 mm between the mounting plate and the motor.

Means the already existing well known reversed airstream in the motors from the back end to the front end, was intensified through the venturi effect of this gap.

So as the LIPO's are getting stronger every year, the motor are driven at higher Voltage and input power levels. The new cooling effect of the PRO-stators was also necessary, as the used capacity is also increasing year by year, and so the motors are running longer at a higher power level.


We are the Jetfan specialists in the USA. Please call us with any questions you might have regarding this product.

 The Jet fan 80 (and JF 80 V3 ) is a very popular upgrade for the E-flite Habu 32, F-4 and other 80mm EDF applications.

It's very smooth running and has a pleasantly quiet sound.

If you require assistance in choosing a 6-12s set up, please call us.

 Jetfans are available as stand alone units.


We stock a variety of the popular, high quality, yet reasonbly priced HET motors. Or we can special order a MEGA or Nue motor for you.

As with all our EDFs, professional assy and dynamic balancing is available at an added cost.

We can also perform airframe specific (or, per your specifications) wire mods, as well as provide a full PNP set up for you. Please see our SPECIAL SERVICES category.

email us with your requirements, if not shown on the web store



  • Housing O.D.: 82mm
  • Housing I.D. : 80mm
  • Housing length: 66mm
  • Motor housing: accepts 36-39mm DIA motors
  • Shaft adaptor: accepts a 5mm DIA motor shaft
  • Weight: 113g (including mtg tabs and all hardware)
  • Input power: 350-4500 watts
  • Max RPM: TBD
  • Static thrust: 0 .9 - 4.6kg 
  • Mounting tabs: included - to be epoxied on by customer.

 Please see the molded plastic  Freewing inlet adaptor, and Carbon fiber "Inlet Ring" listing if you require one.


Below is our 8s, Jetfan 80 powered Freewing Avanti S on 8s, with the HET 700-60-1738 motor.

Efflux RC 80 mm Inlet Adaptor (for Freewing airframes) is req'd)


Jetfan 80mm V-3 EDF unit
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