MEGA 16/40/1-4MM (4mm shaft)

** Due to the high number of possible MEGAmotor options, many of these products are not stocked.  Please expect 4-5 week or longer delivery times.  Please call for information on a particular motor. **


 We now have this popular motor with a 4mm shaft dia.


  • Number of Winds: 1
  • KV: 3150
  • Lipo Cells: 5-6 (70mm EDF.......Mach AA, 9 blade, HET 6904, Wemotec Minifan pro. Velocity WM400 mkII, DS-30)
  • Max. Current: 80
  • Resistance 1 Phase: 3.5
  • Weight: 170g
  • Shaft size: 4mm 
  • Diameter: 28 mm
  • Length: 61.5 mm


This motor is our choice for our MACH ALL ALLOY 70mm EDF on 5s. (6s at 6.5 lbs thrust with throttle management). 


MEGA 16/40/1-4MM (4mm shaft)
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