MEGA 16/45/1HSB-4MM

** Due to the high number of possible MEGAmotor options, many of these products are not stocked.  Please expect 4-5 week or longer delivery times.  Please call for information on a particular motor. **

  This super high speed rated 16/45/1, includes 100,000 rpm max, rated bearings.


  • Number of Winds: 1
  • KV: 2780
  • Lipo Cells: 2-6
  • Max. Current: 80
  • Resistance 1 Phase: 3.05
  • Weight: 190 
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Length: 70mm
  • Max rpm: 100,000
  • Shaft dia: 4mm


Electric motor MEGA ACn 16/45/x has two precise ball bearings (possible also
ceramic at special request). Rotor with neodym magnets is precisely dynamically
balanced and has kevlar bandage. Motor can be fixed by two M3 screws. Efficiency
is up to 88%. Manually coiled stator, relieved rotor an construction allows use
at very high RPM (up to 70 000 RPM).

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MEGA 16/45/1HSB-4MM
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