Schubeler - 120mm In Fuse Intake - carbon fiber





 "In Fuse Intake" - Designed for the 120mm (DS-86 AXI HDS/77HST)

This very light weight LARGE intake ring will afford greater intake volume when installed in airframes without full intake ducting.

ALSO fits:

Jetfan Pro 120mm EDF

Change Sun 120mm EDF

There is a slight lip (0.015") in the I/D. when used with the Jetfan 120. We suggest grinding a 30 Degree lead angle at the front of the JF120 I.D. prior to installation.  Mounting would best be faciliated by placing 8 equally spaced dabs of "RTV Silicone" adhesive to the intake then centering on the EDF housing, and allowing to cure in a horizinatal position.

We can perform the above service for $10. Please add the service charge to your order.



Material: Hand laid woven carbon fiber/epoxy

Weight: 20g (super light!)

O.D.: 6.5" (165.1 mm)

I.D.: 4.73" (120.1mm)

O'all length: 1.55" (39.5mm)

Mounting step I.D. 4.96" (126.2mm)

Mounting step length: .35" (8.9mm)

180* Large tapered inlet Radius




Shown with Jetfan 120 EDF unit........ Includes INTAKE RING only. (no EDF unit)



Schubeler - 120mm In Fuse Intake - carbon fiber
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