WeMoTec 89 mm, EVO Midifan EDF


Wemotec EDF's have long since been among the highest quailty, high power units available.

We are happy to introduce the "EVO", 89mm Midifan from Wemotec.


 The Midifan EVO, with it's 11 blades, the sound is sure to be pleasent to the ear, and quickly become popular at a very affordable cost to the consumer.

The new rotor accepts the Midifan "classic" Housing, Shaft adaptor, Spinner, and hardware. So upgrading to your existing Minifan housing is simple and inexpensive. Please see the EVO Rotor Assy listing.

NOTE: When using this EDF with our "90mm Freewing inlet adaptor". You must grind a 30* x .02" chamfer on the leading edge of the Housing I.D. (we perform this operation of you order the "assemble and dynamic balance service)

Material: Nylon, ABS, Aluminium

Maximum motor dia: 36 mm (IE: HET 600 and 650 series) - 700 series will NOT fit.

Shaft adaptor dia:  5 mm

Weight: about 102 grams, incl. intake lip

Power range: 1.000-4.000 W
Max. rpm: 50.000 U/min
Rotor: 11-blades (87,5 mm) glass reinforced Nylon
Set: all parts, incl. instruction 
49,4 qcm 
Aeff.: 45,6 qcm 
Thrust: 7-50 N
from Wemotec:

"Today we introduce the successor, the Midi Fan evo.

In recent years the trend has been away from pure efficiency considerations towards a lesser noise.

The company has always stood WeMoTec but for performance and efficiency.Therefore, we have combined our time left with the development of an optimized rotor, the running noise and efficiency.

The Midi Fan evo now combines both, it runs much quieter, and at the same time he has (from 1,000 W) even a slightly higher efficiency than its predecessor.

This is due in particular to still increased precision in manufacturing.

The operating point of the Midi Fan evo shifts compared to its predecessor towards lower speeds. If one uses the same engine as in the predecessor, the current consumption increases at the same voltage by about 31% corresponding increase in benefits.

If you want the same performance, you should choose a motor with 10% lower kv.

Thus, if a Midi Fan pro present, there are three options:

Enforcement of more power (when the engine allows)

Lowering the voltage by about 10% (then slightly reduced power

Change the engine to a Type with ca 10% lower KV

New units we deliver course directly with finely graded drives.

The new impeller is designed so that housing, spinners and driver of the Midi Fan can be used per. If you have an original Midi Fan pro who needs to change so only the rotor and adjust the motor."

Wemotec EDFs are available as stand alone units.

We stock a variety of Quallty motors for use in these EDFs.

As with all our EDFs, professional assy and dynamic balancing is available at an added cost.

We can also perform airframe specific (or, per your specifications) wire mods, as well as provide a full PNP set up for you. Please see our SPECIAL SERVICES category.

email us with your requirements, if not shown on the web store

Our orders ("in stock" items, not requiring labor) usually ship within 24hrs! (often less)

We ship everything...USPS Priority mail. In most cases, you will receive your order in 2-4 days (cont. US)


 Specifications and prices subject to change.

WeMoTec 89 mm, EVO Midifan EDF
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